YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes
International Ideas Competition

23.11.2011 ///  The winners of YUL-MTL : Moving landscapes international ideas competition on the Autoroute 20 gateway corridor linking the Montreal-Trudeau Airport to downtown are announced.  The three winning proposals selected by the jury stood out by their ability to integrate all of the planning issues involved in a territory project, such as those related with the quality of transport infrastructures, living and working environments and natural areas.

The international ideas competition aimed to develop strategic visions for the development of the 17 km corridor mainly composed of transport infrastructures, residential and industrials areas and brownfields in dire need of revitalization. It is important to stress that a large number of current and future projects are opening up a window of opportunity for the emergence of collaborative planning actions.

The competition results will enrich and illustrate the collaborative process already undertaken between the members of the working group. The ideas gathered during the competition will input the development of a joint program of actions that will focus on the quality of landscapes and living environments of the gateway corridor territory.

In this perspective, all winning proposals and honorary mentions of the international ideas competition will generate an “Catalogue of possibilities” to feed the discussion of the working group which already defined the design orientations of the competition which were:

  • An evolving and emblematic landscape project for the metropolitan area
  • A scenographic composition of the corridor experiences
  • A collaborative approach to sustainable urban development

The jury has awarded three equal prizes of $ 33 000 to the following contestants:

  • Brown and Storey Architects (Toronto, Canada), for their development of a strategy based on the densification of neighbourhoods
  • dlandstudio (New York, USA), for their contextualisation of Montreal’s transport infrastructure problems into the North American context and for the proposed concepts to reduce the effects of barriers between neighbourhoods
  • Gilles Hanicot (Montreal, Canada), for their proposal based on the uses of renewable energy structures to build new landmarks in the corridor and for the development of the mixed-use urban development program

WINNERS (ex-æquo)

Brown and Storey Architects - Toronto, Canada
Dlandstudio - New York, United States
Gilles Hanicot - Montreal, Canada

The jury noted the richness of the competition results by awarding 11 honourable mentions. These provide new and multiple axes of development for Montreal territory.


Andrew Forster – Push Montréal - Montreal, Canada
Catalyse Urbaine, architecture et paysage - Montreal, Canada
Clément Boitel - Paris, France
Dennis A. Winters, Tales of the Earth - Toronto, Canada
Efoe Arnaud - Clermont-Ferrand, France
SUPERLANDSCAPE  - Padova-Palermo, Italy
Gerwin De Vries + Alexander Herrebout - Utrecht, Netherlands
Ghazal Jafari et Ali Fard - Toronto, Canada
Thibodeau, architecture+design - Montreal, Canada
Yvette Vasourkova, MOBA Studio - Prague, Czech Republic
zerOgroup + Fabrica de Paisaje - São Paulo, Brazil

At the end of the submission period, more than 60 proposals from 22 countries were received, of which a quarter were from Quebec.

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This initiative of the ministère des Transports du Québec, was conducted by the Chair in Landscape and Environmental Design at the University of Montreal (CPEUM) in close partnership with the Autoroute 20 gateway corridor working group, constituted of representatives of cities and boroughs administrations, regional planning agencies and provincial departments.

For this project, CPEUM has worked in collaboration with the Bureau du design de la Ville de Montréal, the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the Consulat général de France à Québec.




30 août 2011 PAR Jimi
Could you provide more information about the video which forms a part of the submission? If you are based outside of Canada, how can you create a video?
19 août 2011 PAR navajyothi
we are a group of young graduates in urban design , planning , landscape and architects would like to participate .could we?thank you , hope we receive your reply
11 août 2011 PAR nabila
i am a student of architecture... can i participate?
10 août 2011 PAR marjan
I am graduated in landscape architecture in degree MA, and working in this field but not professional, can i participate?
9 août 2011 PAR maxi
is it possible to get a detailed topo map of montreal urban community, maybe scaled 1:1000 or any information about the hight of the buildings?
29 juillet 2011 PAR A
I'm an industrial and interior designer. Can i participate? I worked on renowned architectural studios as an architectural/concept designer
22 juillet 2011 PAR Miguel Romão Martinho
I am an European architecture Student from Portugal can I enter this competition?
22 juillet 2011 PAR YUL-MTL
Olá Miguel,
See the answer to Jessica below. All the questions and answers must go through our professional advisor, who is posting regular updates on this page (see Related Documentation, under the images on the top right of this page).
14 juillet 2011 PAR YUL-MTL
Hi Jessica,
The answer to your question can be found in the "Questions and Answers" document posted on this page or available directly via this URL: http://bit.ly/nGzHxH.
12 juillet 2011 PAR ottavio
8 juillet 2011 PAR Jessika Kliewer
I am an architecture student at McGill University. Can I enter this competition or do you have to be a professional?


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