"It gave me a chance to make some valuable contacts in the corporate gift market, meet buyers in person, explain my products and better target my clientele and my line, meaning more personalized products."
"Our reputation as designers is built little by little and strengthened every time our names or products are mentioned or presented in public, especially at a large-scale international event. Being part of the CODE SOUVENIR group of designers and having our products exhibited at an event as prestigious as C2MTL is an exceptional showcase. It’s sure to enhance our reputation and prove that we’re a serious business."
"Attending C2MTL helped us boost our social media presence, and make some major individual sales (not only at the event but afterwards, for many people contacted us and we’ve had 400 visits to our website in the past few days). And lastly, it was a chance to meet possible customers."
"The CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL catalogue is one of our best sales and promotional tools. It really attracts buyers’ attention, both locally and internationally, and helps build our institutional and corporate recognition. 
This is even more true for the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL pop-up store at C2MTL, especially this year. Having designers on site really generated more visibility and helped people understand our products and our creative process, and gave us the opportunity to show off our products to thousands of important visitors."
"It let us meet all the Montréal players, both large and small. It’s an excellent networking opportunity, a chance to get together with the designers, clients and artists who make Montréal such a great place for us to work."
"Taking part in an event like this also encourages a sense of belonging to a community that is working not only to grow a multitude of businesses, but also to celebrate a unique culture and savoir-faire. I think this event gave Montréal an opportunity to showcase its designers, and let its designers showcase Montréal’s creative genius. If we manage to show that there are outstanding creators in Quebec, doing things differently from how they’re done elsewhere (and I think that’s what we did with CODE SOUVENIR) and people from all over can see that, it’s bound to help us develop new markets."
"Being part of the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL pop-up store at C2MTL was a chance to overcome my fears by validating my product and my positioning. Getting a foothold in the international market is a major asset and the excitement around the CODE SOUVENIR pop-up store and C2MTL in general let me better understand how I wanted to position myself. It gave me the confidence I needed to keep going in this direction. It’s not always easy to be a designer in Montréal, and an event of this scope validates our work and encourages us to keep expanding our horizons."
"Aside from the fact that we gained a number of contacts interested in our collection of Montréal-themed postcards, we think an event like CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL is essential if we want to improve our city's image and make it more international and dynamic. Bringing these local designers together and holding this kind of event is a unique way of creating links and networking with other designers, and meeting and talking with people from all over the world. Our number of Facebook followers has almost doubled since C2MTL, and we’ve seen lots of action on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media. We made contacts with journalists and bloggers who will give coverage to PAPEROLE."
"The CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL pop-up store was a wonderful opportunity not only to meet potential buyers, but also to get feedback and ideas from professionals, designers and consumers that will help us improve our product (and broaden our product line), add new functions and so on."
"Participating in the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL pop-up store gave us a chance to make our brand and business known to leading figures in the design sector. At this point in our development, we want to keep building a solid brand image with users, and C2MTL was a terrific opportunity to do so."



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